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How Ramen Okawari Turned Missed Calls into over $10,000

June 08, 20233 min read

“THE CHALLENGE: Generating Profits From Missed Calls & Eliminating Bad Reviews for Slow Service Over The Phone.” - Adrienne Yu, Co-Founder EatUp


Ramen Okawari is an authentic family-owned Japanese ramen shop in Southern California. Okawari in Japanese means “more food please!” and is traditionally said when you want more of a dish you thought was incredible.

True to its name, this independent restaurant has grown to be a favorite among the locals.

8 Reasons

Always striving to be THE BEST LOCAL RAMEN SHOP in town, Ramen Okawari understands that they have to excel in providing the best customer experience, whether in-house or even from diners calling in. 👊

Due to covid and the ongoing labor shortage that’s hitting the industry, they now have to do more with less, and diners’ expectations have been increasing - they now want better and faster service from their local restaurants and if you can’t give it to them they will go to the competition or happily write a bad review for your restaurant.

This leaves Jackie frustrated and her current staff constantly overwhelmed. When the restaurant gets so busy, Jackie’s team can’t keep up with demanding in-house guests and a phone that never stops ringing. They were constantly putting people on hold or not answering the call completely.

“We're so glad we found EatUp! They've helped us take things off my staff's daily tasks. Now, they can focus on giving the best customer service to our in-house clients and our customers who call are also taken care of. And the best part is we've seen an increase in online orders! It's a win-win solution for sure!”

– Jackie, Ramen Okawari Owner




eatup connect

EATUP Connect has helped Ramen Okawari stay connected with its customers both in-house and on the other end of the line.

When the restaurant gets busy and staff can’t answer the phone, instead of calls going to voicemail or staff answering repetitive questions, the customer can now get a text message that sends them to their ordering link, reservation booking platform, or answers to their frequently asked questions like getting hours and directions.

This system was activated for Jackie in less than 30 minutes and they did not have to mess with difficult-to-understand technology. Because Jackie doesn't want to miss out on a potential sale over the phone but still continues to excel in the in-store guest experience, Eatup solves both of those problems. Now she can truly do more with less

THE RESULT: An Extra $10k in Profits

In just their first 30days, they made almost $1k in extra income without lifting a finger. The software practically pays for itself. And It also helped improve customer service so they can have loyal customers who keep coming back. IT HELPED free up her staff’s time so they can focus on the guest experience and eliminate unnecessary bad reviews so they can build a great online reputation.

A simple but powerful solution…Eatup Connect allows Jackie to meet her guests where they’re at - right on their phones!

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